Accepting Credit Cards for Fees L.E.I. 76-04
L.E.I. 78-16
Attorney Retaining Liens L.E.I. 92-02
Compensation of Appointed Counsel to Defend Indigent L.E.I. 83-05
Contingent Fee for Collecting Child Support Arrearages L.E.I. 82-01
Copying Charges for Files L.E.I. 89-02
Finances Charges on Delinquent Accounts L.E.I. 78-07
overturned by ➔ L.E.I. 93-02
Forwarding Overdue Accounts to Collection Agency L.E.I. 80-01
overruled by ➔ L.E.I. 94-01
Refusal to File Divorce Decree Until Paid L.E.I. 84-04
Contingent Fee Contracts with Organizations or
Individuals Obtaining Expert Witnesses L.E.I. 97-02

Fixed or Flat Fee Arrangements for Insurance Defense Work .L.E.I. 98-01

Non-Refundable Retainers L.E.I. 99-03
Private Employment of Appointed Counsel L.E.I. 03-01
Legal Funding Plans L.E.I. 05-02
Is it Proper for a Lawyer to Accept a Referral Fee from a
Financial Services Provider L.E.O. 06-01

Propriety of Attorneys Obtaining Loans From Third Party Lenders
Fact Witness Compensation